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Professional Development

    Supporting Continuous Quality Improvement

                                                      Professional Development
  • Parent and Family Education (Literacy, Math or Social-Emotional)
  • Developing the Coaching Team
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Intentional Data-Driven Lesson Planning
  • Classroom Management and Child Guidance
  • Supporting Children's Development of Skills (Mathematics, Social/Emotional or Literacy)
              Head Start, Center-Based, Home-Based, Family Child Care, Non-Profit, 
                     For-Profit, School District, Faith-Based, Family Engagement

 Individual, On-Site, Program-Wide, Management, Administrative, Staff Training, Observation,    Coaching, Workshops, Key-Note, Conferences

                                     2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 hour sessions available
                                            Evenings and Weekends Available 
CEO and Lead Consultant Charlotte Quiros has brought her passion, experience, and dynamic training skills to programs across the country.  Together with your team, she will develop a custom path to continuous quality improvement, aligned with district, state and Head Start Standards.  By appreciating your program's culture and community, Charlotte provides a long-term partnership, with a range of support and guidance to build the knowledge, skills and systems for quality.

                            "Bringing your vision for professional development to life!"

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