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What is ignorance in my child?

ignorant: lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated Basically this means that you did not teach them or give them the information in a way that they could understand and use.   If you don't do everything in your power to help children understand something then they may be ignorant of it!  Young children need to see, hear and be shown things several times before they get it. Telling them once will not work.  Tell them, show them, make them a chart or picture and let them practice under your close supervision until they can do it on their own.  Help them become intelligent! Topics to help children with (not in any particular order): Spirituality Kindness to others Being polite and manners Being non-bias Controlling strong emotions Laundry How to find a good friend Cooking Taking care of their body Finances Relationships Community involvement Taking care of their homes Gardening T

The Discontent Child

Child Discontentment: Children are born with discontentment.  Which means they are not satisfied.  Which shouldn't surprise us.  Children are safe in the womb, they are fed, sound is muffled and they are content.  Once born into this world feeding issues happen, bodily functions come into play, and sensory stimuli can be overwhelming (light, sounds and smells). Children need to have us help them through this process.  It is a type of conditioning of the mind.  Children need us adults to help them dwell on the earth with all of its wonders, distractions, and stimuli.   We need to support children in looking at the blessings of the earth (butterflies, smiles, flowers, gentle winds, loving voices, familiar faces, and cool summer nights) as well as showing expressions of gratitude for all that we have. What are you teaching children?