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My 2 1/2 year old won't clean up her toys

Q: I allow my two-and-half year old to play with her toys all day in the playroom, however, when I ask her to clean up her mess it is always a fight.  She cries, whines and throws a tempter tantrum.  I always end up picking up her toys after she has her meltdown.  What can I do? A: Let's look at what is happening developmentally.  Two-and-a half year olds are just starting to recognize that pictures can represent real objects.  You have probably noticed when she sees a picture of a dog she looks for your dog or makes a barking sound. Labeling the containers and shelves (with a picture of the item and the word) will make it easier for her to put her toys back where they belong.  You will need to support her in this, make it a game, I put one back, you put one back.  Soon she will start matching the pictures on her own without as much stress.  This will also support her need to do things for herself as she strives for a little independence. At this age things can also be frustrat

My Teenager won't do his laundry!

Q: This year I decided that enough is enough.  I showed my nineteen year old son how to use the washer and dryer and told him it is now his responsibility to do his own laundry.  He doesn't do his laundry until the hamper is overflowing on the floor. It makes me crazy.  I keep reminding him, but he still won't do it.  I am going crazy!  Help! A: Children can usually do their own laundry around the age of ten and sometimes younger.  They have the cognitive and physical skills to do it.  Doing it for them robs them of opportunities to learn time management, the art of responsibility, and the satisfaction that come along with independence. Since you told him it was his responsibility then try to stop reminding him (Us mom's call it reminding, they probably feel like it is nagging).  Just remind yourself that it is his dirty laundry. Some people like to wash their laundry every weekend, some do it when their favorite clothes are dirty, others wait until two or three hampers

Teething Child I Need to Sleep!

Question: My child is up every hour crying, this teething is exhausting.  I've tried everything and nothing is working my husband and I are getting no sleep! Help! A: I could tell you every way I know to comfort your child, but it sounds like you have tried them already. Teething hurts! As your teeth cut through your gums it hurts. Getting no sleep is unhealthy.  You and your husband need self care.  Set up a sleep schedule one of you sleep 4 hours while the other is alert to take care of your child. Then switch. You will need to revert back to this emergency sleep plan for other illnesses or when the next child comes.  Hang in there this stage will only last a short while.